Here’s Why You Are at a Loss if You Do Not Renew Your Health Insurance Policy in Time

In a densely populated country like India, you will probably not find a single place that is completely cut-off from the rest of the world. However, the same thing does not translate into the average standard of living in the country. Unlike developed countries, people in India are accustomed to living in compromising situations. This essentially means that Indians have a high chance of develop all kinds of medical conditions. In addition, there is always a higher chance of accidental injuries. All of this means that Indians have a larger need for healthcare services than many other countries. At the same time, India has advanced in the medical sector by an exceptional margin over the years. There are better treatments and procedures available for people that suffer even the slightest of health issues.

Why you need health insurance?

The problem is that the cost of health care in the country has also grown quicker than the medical industry itself. The simplest of treatments for the most minor illnesses can burn a hole through your pocket. The situation has reached a point where even people that are financially strong feel intimidated by the idea of going to the hospital. In such situation, the only option that people feel they have is just burn through their savings or walk into a debt-trap to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. However, both these options are not practical or viable. The best option for affording medical care is a medical insurance. You need to buy a policy at the earliest and keep renewing as long as you can. Here a few benefits of health insurance that will show why having health insurance is beneficial:

  • Tackling lifestyle diseases

There is a long list of external sources that can cause diseases and disorders. However, there are certain illnesses that do not have an external cause. These develop due to the life you choose to live. For this reason, they are termed as lifestyle diseases. While these diseases might feel like they occur suddenly, they develop over a prolonged duration until they are noticeable. A lot of these diseases are simply the result of aging. Hence, with many of them, you have no way to avoid them for good. All you can do is make sure that when you are diagnosed with them, you can afford the treatment you need. Health insurance makes that possible for you. * Standard T&C Apply

  • Combat medical inflation

Medical technology and practices have grown leaps and bounds to what it is today. But better treatments often mean higher expenses. Since progress is a natural and inevitable part of anything you do in life, you should be aware that medical technology will grow even further than what it is now. This in turn, means the cost of healthcare will also grow. In this situation, you should have a source of money that can cover your medical bills today and in the future. Consistent health insurance renewal can serve as that option. * Standard T&C Apply

  • Preserving money

While you must have often heard that ‘health is wealth’, everybody will agree that health cannot replace actual monetary wealth. Your health is not the only thing you will be spending money on. You might have plans to buy a house or fund your child’s education. Doing so requires a lot of money that you would have to save. You cannot save this money if you need to spend your earnings on medical treatments for you and your family. A health insurance policy will ensure that all your medical expenses are taken care of. Then, you can focus all your money on future plans. * Standard T&C Apply

Hence keeping the above reasons in mind, it is best to start early, both for yourself and your family. In this process, health insurance plans for family come handy offering an umbrella coverage for all beneficiaries under one single policy. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.