What Is AYUSH In Medical Insurance?

When buying medical insurance, you might have come across the acronym AYUSH. Have you wondered what it stands for? If you have, then this article is just for you. Read on to learn more about the wonderful benefits you get from AYUSH coverage in a health insurance plan.

What is AYUSH?

AYUSH is an acronym that stands for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has instructed health insurance companies in India to offer coverage for AYUSH too in their medical insurance plans.

Many people prefer seeking non-allopathic medicine systems for certain diseases. As such, the inclusion of AYUSH in medical insurance can really prove beneficial.

What kind of coverage can you expect for AYUSH in medical insurance?

Health insurance companies will cover any kind of inpatient medical treatment done by these non-allopathic medicine systems.

You receive your coverage for AYUSH treatment generally as a reimbursement. There will be a certain sum insured set aside for AYUSH coverage. The sum insured can vary based on the medical insurance plan that you choose. A sum insured for AYUSH treatment can go as high as Rs 50,000 as well. If you prefer AYUSH as a method of treatment, you would need to inform your insurer at the time of policy purchase so that they can make the right coverage suggestions.

In fact, AYUSH is so popular these days that even the Corona Kavach Policy covers inpatient care done by AYUSH. Corona Kavach Policy is a short-term indemnity-based health insurance plan offering coverage for hospitalisation as well as pre- and post-hospitalisation costs for COVID 19.

Quick tip: It is important to check with your insurer what medical facility qualifies as an AYUSH centre as there are certain prerequisites for the same established by the IRDAI. Your health insurance policy wordings will have details of what medical facility qualifies as an AYUSH treatment centre.

Are there any exclusions to AYUSH in medical insurance?

Your AYUSH coverage in your medical insurance plan cannot be claimed if you are hospitalised for a period that is less than 24 hours. Also, day care treatments, treatments that are not medically necessary (spa), and outpatient procedures will not be included for coverage. Most importantly, your claims will not be valid if the treatment has not been done at an approved centre as per your policy wordings. For a full list of the exclusions, do read your medical insurance plan wordings.

As we can see, there are so many benefits to the inclusion of AYUSH in health insurance. Senior members of our families often prefer AYUSH and this availability in health insurance is a true boon for them.

We hope that this article has helped improve your knowledge of the coverage given for AYUSH treatments in a health insurance plan. Do make sure to cover you loved ones as well with a family health insurance plan too for true peace of mind.

Take care, stay safe.