How to check e challan status in UP?

You probably think you have never violated a traffic rule in your life as you have never interacted with the traffic police. However, this may not be true. With the E challan system in place, you need not be stopped. In very populated states like Uttar Pradesh (UP), CCTV cameras located in key positions where vehicular traffic is most, monitor any road traffic offenses. These cameras are linked, via an intricate network, to the headquarters of police and electronic challans are issued if there is an offense caught on camera. In UP, with its population the highest of all the states in India, traffic violations are in high amounts too.

What is an E-challan?

When you break a road safety regulation, you get an E-challan. UP has adopted the system of issuing E-challans to traffic and road safety violators to effectively curb the incidence of road safety offences in the state. The E-challan not only acts as a deterrent to traffic violations and offers transparency in monitoring them quickly, but also offers citizens convenience in paying fines online. Moreover, with advances in technology and an online system for addressing road safety records, the authorities can maintain records of repeat offenders with precision. If you are stopped for a road safety violation, traffic police in UP have connectivity with assisted devices to print a challan and hand it over to you. You can pay your fine on the spot by swiping your debit/credit card, or choose the online payment method later.

What is an E-challan Issued For?

An E-challan in UP is issued for any road safety-related rule violation. Some of the key violations include the following (with penalties levied accordingly):

  • Failure to comply with traffic light rules – You will have to pay up to a Rs.5,000 fine or face 6 months imprisonment.
  • Driving without a seatbelt – A fine of Rs. 1,000 will be levied
  • Driving a vehicle without a helmet – A fine of Rs. 500 will have to be paid
  • Exceeding stipulated speed limits – You will have to pay a Rs. 4,000 fine
  • Driving your vehicle without a licence – You will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 5,000

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How do you Check E-challan Status in UP? 

The integrated electronic system that is responsible for issuing an E-challan lets individuals see their challan status online and determine whether any pending penalty is due to be settled. Here is how to check your status online:

  1. First, you must visit the government portal of Parivahan at Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (
  2. You will need to enter details of your UP challan number, vehicle number or driver’s licence number
  3. Duly enter the code of the captcha and clickon the tab that says ‘Get Details’
  4. A page with information and details of your offence will show up
  5. In case you have no offences on record, the notification ‘No E-challan Found’ will pop up

Finishing Touch

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