Reasons To Pay Your NBPDCL Before The Due Date

You know the saying, “Early Bird Catches The Worm”? It stands true in more than one or two cases. In fact, there’s always a benefit attached to doing something before time, like booking your tickets in advance or paying your bills before the due date. And today, we’ll be talking about reasons why you should pay your NBPDCL before the official due date.

If you stay in Bihar, especially the Nothern parts of it, you probably get your electricity distributed via, North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited aka NBPDCL. And if you make your North Bihar electricity bill payment online, we’re here to give you 5 reasons why you should pay your NBPDCL bill before the given due date.

  • Early Bird Discounts

Yes, early bird discounts are everywhere! You can get it even on your electricity bill payment. Several electricity distributors give discounts for paying your electricity bill well in advance. It could be anything from ₹1 to ₹10, or even more. That completely depends on your distributor.

However, you do get some kind of early bird discount for making your NBPDCL bill payment just a few days after the bill was generated. This date is usually mentioned in your electricity bill along with the discount you get.

  • No Additional Charges

We just discussed how you save money if you make your Bihar electricity bill payment way ahead of time. But if you, by any chance, miss the due date, you still get to pay your electricity bill. The catch is you have to pay additional charges.

Usually, NBPDCL gives you an extension of 10 days, post your due date, to pay your electricity bill with a minimal addition. However, if you miss that as well, you’ll be paying much more than a minimal addition. So, better pay your dues on time.

  • Avoid Penalties

If you don’t pay your electricity bill within the month, despite the grace period given, the electricity board adds the billing amount, along with a penalty, to your next bill. This just keeps increasing every time you forget to pay your bill. So, to avoid paying penalties and wasting your money, settle your dues before the actual due date.

  • Avoid Power Cuts

One of the biggest reasons to pay your NBPDCL bills before the due date is to avoid missing the due date altogether. There’s a good chance you’ll keep it for later and might forget to pay it. And if that happens, then soon your services might get terminated. Sure, it doesn’t happen immediately. But why wait for that to happen, right?

  • Exciting Offers And Cashbacks

If you pay your NBPDCL electricity bill via payment platforms such as Airtel Payments Bank, you not only get the discount given by NBPDCL but also get to choose from a plethora of offers and cashbacks available with your payment platform. This ensures that you’re rewarded well for your commitment to making your North Bihar electricity bill payment before the due date.

Found enough reasons? Now go make haste, before you’re flooded with additional charges and penalties.