Want To Include Riders in Your Life Insurance Plan? Here’s How You Can Do Them Effectively

A life insurance policy could be a way to secure your family’s financial health even in your absence. The uncertainty of life has made these comprehensive life insurance policies almost unavoidable today. Also, apart from an insurance policy, choosing the right insurance rider is equally important. The right kind of life insurance riders will provide you with amazing benefits.

This article will talk about the best ways of choosing the most effective insurance rider along with a life insurance policy.

A ‘Critical Illness Rider’ in Case of Serious Ailments in the Family

If your family has a history of any serious ailment, a critical illness rider can help you cover the cost of any future treatment or diagnosis. Such life insurance riders will provide you with a lump sum amount so that you do not have to spend anything from your savings on that expensive treatment. This is a vital rider option for anyone looking for a life insurance policy. And in case the critical illness results in the death of the policyholder, the rider benefits will be paid to the beneficiary by the insurer.

A ‘Waiver of Premium Rider’ in Case You Are Unable to Pay the Premium Amount Due to any Unwanted Circumstances

The insurance policies will provide you with financial protection in case of any unfortunate incident in the future. And for this, you’ll have to pay the company equal premiums at equal intervals. The premium amount is usually calculated keeping in mind the type of insurance policy, the coverage sum assured, and the plan’s term. You need to pay this premium amount from your income, and you can take out the money from the policy in case of any financial emergency in the future.

But what will happen if you lose your job or your income due to any unexpected situation? This is when the ‘waiver of premium’ rider comes as a solution. With this rider, you can take the financial burden of paying the premium amounts off your shoulder for a certain period without affecting your life insurance plan.

An ‘Accidental Death Rider’ for Any Unexpected Accidents in the Future

These life insurance riders can provide your family with a cover in case of accidental death. Deaths can lead to a rise in several other emergencies like hospitalization, treatment of someone else in the family, and so on. And such accidental death riders can provide the beneficiaries of the policyholder with the required amount so that they do not have to worry about the finances during such a tough time. These riders will cover for such critical circumstances in the family.

An ‘Income Benefit Rider’ for Someone Who is the Sole Breadwinner of the Family

If you are the sole breadwinner in your family, it will be difficult for your family to lead a happy and wealthy life if something serious happens to you. Hence, the income benefit rider, along with your life insurance policy, can provide a helping hand to your dependents with regular monthly payments for a fixed number of years. In addition, this financial cushion by the insurance rider will support your family members to have a better transition from one source of income to another without creating a sudden loss of finances.


The future is uncertain, and hence, apart from choosing a life insurance plan, it’s better to go for the right life insurance riders. And if you can search for them online, you can find the best rider quotes and choose the ones you think are most suited to your needs.

Use the wide range of online premium calculators to understand the rider you need. For instance, TATA AIA life insurance plans offer targeted calculators on their website for determining the right policy and riders that match your insurance requirement and budget.